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‘Desert Inside’ from the European Blues Challenge in Riga.


European Blues Challenge, Riga, Latvia 2014

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Many thanks to Blues Matters who helped to get us nominated to represent the UK and John Migden who took the live shots.

Animal & Man Review – Lancashire Blues Archive

Review: David Migden & The Twisted Roots – Animal & Man

Posted on: Sunday, Mar 30, 2014

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David Migden & The Twisted Roots – Animal & Man

Described as “an exciting electric five piece, performing unique original material in a genre busting crossover of rock, blues and twisted American roots”, David Migden and the now, Twisted Roots, certainly fit that description!

‘Animal & Man’ is their third album of self penned work. The line up for the album consists of David Migden – vocals, trumpet, Joe Gibson – guitars, backing vocals, Graham Mann – keys, trombone, percussion, Phil Scragg – bass, James Sedge – drums, percussion, with guests Goldie Reed – backing vocals, Mike Austin – sax, clarinet. The album was recorded by Mike Thorn at Rimshot Studios and produced by David Migden and the Twisted Roots.

The opening track ‘Wamp’, on this exciting CD, sets the scene for the rest of the album. It has great rhythms with jazz overtones and shows the richness of David’s voice to the full. Also some great raw guitar work and input of keys. Following, a track with a thirties feel ,’Rougarou,’ which has plenty of brass and clarinet giving a rag band sound. Some interesting percussion and piano too.

‘Top Of The Mountain’ is in the unmistakable Migden style. It’s refreshing to be able to identify music with a clear stamp, a great track. Following this ‘Desert King’, brings in Goldie Reed on backing vocals to add to the harmonies, superb. Some excellent piano and percussion and very much leaning towards jazz.

I love the next track ‘The Big Fight’, a full on gusty bass line with Hammond input. Great vocals from David with super rhythms and trombone. A change in pace on ‘We Know What You Have Done’, a slow meaningful track with perfect vocals in which Goldie complements David’s voice so well. A great guitar solo on this one and Hammond input.

‘Wild World’ has a brilliant intro with just vocals, very ‘Migden’ style. Great harmonies reminiscent of barbershop. Some excellent slide guitar and funky rhythms with the drums keeping it simple, working well with the Hammond and bass. The next track ‘Petit Jean’ has a bit of a Wilko Johnson feel with the guitar work. A rockin’ up tempo number with a great bass line with thumping drums and Hammond input.

Slowing things right down, ‘Hunters Moon’ is a haunting story told by David with his velvet voice. Great percussion and use of echo adds to the ambiance of this track. The final track on this brilliant album is ‘Once Again’. a slow number with acoustic input. It gives a great overview of David’s vocal range, with some nice slide guitar (possibly a lap steel) a great sound to complete this great album.

I thought the previous album ‘Killing It,’ would be hard to beat, but having listened to ‘Animal & Friends’ several times I think I will put it on an equal footing. A brilliant band live, David Migden & the Twisted Roots are definitely a must see band and I think the album gives a good overview to what they are all about, so well done!

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive


Animal & Man Review – So Tunbridge Wells

Once again Jane Connolly from So Tunbridge Wells magazine is the first reviewer for our new album. Many thanks Jane!

Animal & Man Review So TWs


David Migden & the Twisted Roots – Animal & Man

We have been working on this album for just over a year. Last February 2013, David brought into rehearsal a collection of the best songs he has ever written. We were immediately inspired to get going, and started to put together the band parts for these fantastic new songs. It soon became apparent that we would need to record them onto 2” tape in a studio that could track us all live. Fortunately we found Rimshot studios (easily one of the best studios in the country). Mike Thorne (the owner and engineer) has the best collection of vintage recording equipment we have ever seen, housed in a purpose built studio in the heart of the Kent countryside. The sessions were some of the most enjoyable any of us have ever done (and we have done a few!) and after many long days and nights of mixing, we can present you “Animal & Man”.
The album has been entirely funded by ourselves and the Pledgemusic scheme we set up (thank you to everyone who contributed). We have also produced it ourselves and we all think it represents our best work.
David Migden and the Twisted Roots Animal and ManWe really hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think and share it around.

David, James, Joe, Phil and Graham.

Name Change for The Dirty Words

2014 brings a new name for the band: ‘David Migden & The Twisted Roots’.
We all think this better represents the sound of the band and our new album ‘Animal & Man’ released 21st February.
What do you all think? Do you like it?
David Migden & The Twisted Roots Animal and Man Poster

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